I just launched a brand new channel for kids on YouTube about a group of furry beasties.
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Clown Consulting

Billy is now offering clown coaching and consulting to help clowns stay current and assist aspiring clowns launch their careers.



Gentle calisthenics from your desk for high performers. Increase flexibility and fight against discomfort from repetitive motions.

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Professional clown from the los angeles area, Billy Murray, poses for the iconic photo that wound up on slot machines across the globe.

learn clowning from me!

I'm passionate about keeping the art of clowning alive and thriving. We are living in a challenging time and the joy shared by clowns is in need more than ever.

Whether you're new to clowning or have been doing it for years, I have a special formula to my performance that makes me stand out and I want to share it with you!

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Clown Makeup Masterclass

Clown Makeup Masterclass


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now on youtube

Check out my new channel on YouTube made especially for kids! Here you'll find videos to help educate your child in a fun and entertaining way. Not only will these fun videos teach your kid important skills like how to count, they'll also help them learn lessons about empathy, intuitive thought, motor skills, self-esteem and so much more! Don't forget to subscribe!


Currently located in the Los Angeles area, Billy has hundreds of sold-out performances in the circus under his belt and has entertained millions of families across the globe both digitally and IRL.

"I strive to make people laugh whether I'm in or out of makeup."

- Billy Murray

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