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After School Program

Explore the fun in fitness with this self-esteem boosting after school program.  Students will be challenged through the art of circus.  Learn how to balance, juggle, tumble, clowning and SO MUCH MORE!  The best thing about the circus is that there is something for everyone.  Kids love it!  Be a part of the magic, Book your After-School Program with Billy Today!

Fun Fitness

Childhood obesity is something that Billy takes very seriously.  excerising and living a healthy life style does not always have to feel like a chore.  Billy enjoys exploring fitness through a fun and active way with CIRCUS!

Self Esteem

There is something for everyone in the circus.  Kids will boost their self esteem as you they fun and challenging circus skills like juggling and balancing.  Nothing feels better than learning a new skill and having fun doing it!

Team Work

The circus can teach us for to work together as a team.  Many circus acts are sometimes your own family members!  It's crutical that circus troupes trust one another and work as a team.  Children will learn the importantance of Team work with fun team work building exercises that will build trusts and long-lasting friendships.


Having the confidence to get up and be in front of people can be a challenging task in its own.  Children will show off their brand new circus skills and learn the importance of their presence even when they are not on stage!

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