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About A Group Of Beasties

There are tons of different ways to help kids grow up to become the smartest, strongest, and kindest version of themselves and Beasties Furever is so excited to be apart of that journey with your child.

Beasties are furry best friends that encourage kids to use their imagination and have a joyful learning experience. These unforgettable, energetic and vibrant characters capture the attention of children from preschool age to elementary with their lovable personalities and unique abilities. Not only do the Beasties empower children with their creative educational entertainment style, they also share important lessons about being kind, compassionate and a friend to everyone.





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let's Be Beasties Furever!

Beasties Furever brings joyful learning to preschool and elementary children because research shows that children this age have the greatest potential to learn. With so much content available online, you're right to want to make sure that your child is consuming the most beneficial programming whenever it's "screen-time." Beasties Furever focuses our content on cognitive development, which is a field of study in neuroscience and psychology that enhances the child's intellectual advancement in terms of information processing, perceptual skill, language learning, and other aspects of developing the brain. We teach concepts that include manners, planning, experimenting, flexible and critical thinking, memory retention, following directions, and managing emotions — all of which provide children with tools they need to navigate through their everyday lives.

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Coloring Book

Let's go on an artistic adventure! Get your free downloadable Beasties Furever coloring book.



We are trying to grow as fast as we can, but we could use you on our side! To help launch our channel into the homes of families all over the world, please consider a donation that will help us be Beasties with everyone!

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About our Founder

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Beasties Furever was created by Billy Murray who has been performing for families around the world for over a decade. Billy is an advocate for the arts and has dedicated his life to providing world-class entertainment in various different capacities. As a specially trained therapeutic performance artist, Billy is devoted to enhancing the education experience for children with his unique skillset and sensitivity for different learning styles. When Billy is not producing content for Beasties Furever, he is distracting from procedures and creating bursts of merriment in the neurology and oncology departments at his local children's hospital.

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