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We are living in a challenging time and the joy shared by clowns is in need more than ever --- as long as you're not scary!

I'm going to be blunt. A lot of the clowning educators are stuck in another era. They continue to produce what the public views as "scary clowns," and by doing so, they are holding back the art form from evolving with the times. As someone who is dedicated to keeping the art of clowning alive and thriving, I do things in ways that are anything but traditional.

Whether you're new to clowning or have been doing it for years, I have a special formula to my craft that makes me stand out and I want to share it with you!

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Professional clown from the los angeles area, Billy Murray, poses for the iconic photo that wound up on slot machines across the globe.

The Clown Lab

Enrolling: January 22, 2022

This one-day clown arts education experience is designed to develop your clown character from the ground up. Happening virtually from your at home lab, our highly-qualified instructors will guide you through a variety of experiments and exercises that will spark the evolution of your clown persona and spawn the next generation of mirth-makers.  


By providing clown consultations and coaching, I hope to nurture, rehabilitate and help clowns exceed expectations. By sharing my expertise, I vow to help clowns overcome hurtles and avoid practices that hold back their success. I do this in a safe, positive and professional environment that instills empathy, personal growth, development, integrity and accountability. I am committed to protecting and preserving the art of clowning through continual education, adaptability, and training in an effort to maintain relevance in a society where it is fashionable to be terrified of clowns.


I work with professional entertainers to re-design their clown's brand to be compatible with today's desires. 



I provide positive and constructive feedback to help clowns remove obstacles and strengthen their clown brand.

Character Creation

I work with aspiring performers and established entertainers to create new clown characters.


Find new specialty skills and talents to share with your audience.

Colorful Clown Balloon

CLOWN Classes
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