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We are living in a challenging time and the joy shared by clowns is in need more than ever --- as long as you're not scary!

I'm going to be blunt. A lot of the clowning educators are stuck in another era. They continue to produce what the public views as "scary clowns," and by doing so, they are holding back the art form from evolving with the times. As someone who is dedicated to keeping the art of clowning alive and thriving, I do things in ways that are anything but traditional.

Whether you're new to clowning or have been doing it for years, I have a special formula to my craft that makes me stand out and I want to share it with you!

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Clown Makeup Masterclass

Clown Makeup Masterclass



By providing clown consultations and coaching, I hope to nurture, rehabilitate and help clowns exceed expectations. By sharing my expertise, I vow to help clowns overcome hurtles and avoid practices that hold back their success. I do this in a safe, positive and professional environment that instills empathy, personal growth, development, integrity and accountability. I am committed to protecting and preserving the art of clowning through continual education, adaptability, and training in an effort to maintain relevance in a society where it is fashionable to be terrified of clowns.


I work with professional entertainers to re-design their clown's brand to be compatible with today's desires. 



I provide positive and constructive feedback to help clowns remove obstacles and strengthen their clown brand.

Character Creation

I work with aspiring performers and established entertainers to create new clown characters.


Find new specialty skills and talents to share with your audience.

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CLOWN Classes
with Billy


I was fortunate enough to take a clowning workshop with Billy and I was floored by how professional and knowledgeable he was. It's hard to NOT watch Billy. He is truly a blazing bright star that anyone would have trouble appreciating. He is charming, enthusiastic, and hilarious. He manages to be all those things while being a consummate professional. I can't recommend him enough.


Working with Billy was a dream. He is intensely focused on his craft and an excellent clown partner who makes sure that whoever he is working with shines as bright as he does.


Billy is a creative force, and that's putting it mildly. He is the kind of branding specialist that will uncover what is not working and replace it with winning strategies that will change the client's game. His professional expertise has made him a go-to contact all across the entertainment and design industries. Plus, he's just a ridiculous amount of fun to work with and a genuinely kind, thoughtful human being.

What People Are Saying

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about Billy

As a former clown with Ringling Bros, Billy has dedicated his life to the art of clowning. Through touring coast to coast with the "Greatest Show On Earth," to weekly bedside visits as "Dr. Billy" at the local children's hospital, Billy has built a clown brand that upholds in modern day society. Billy later went on to become the head character trainer for the Walt Disney Company where he taught performers to portray world famous characters per the Disney standard of excellence. Today, he shares his expansive knowledge and expertise with aspiring performers as well as established clowns to fine-tune their professional entertainment careers.

How it works

As a clown, you have probably experienced the same backlash from society as the rest of us. With new horror movies and television shows contributing to the fear around clowns, our job as a joy and mirth-marker continues to become more challenging. No matter what level of experience you have, I will adapt and personalize your training or coaching to maximum your achievement. In your virtual clown consulting sessions with Billy, you will receive one-on-one coaching/consulting services on an areas of performance from your makeup design, costuming, gag-writing, conducting effective meet and greets, re-branding
--- you name it!

enhance your Clowning RIGHT NOW

I am passionate about helping clowns grow as professional performers, even if you don't have the funding for one-on-one clown consultations.  Check out these videos and blog posts to get a taste for some of the valuable tips and tricks you will learn from working with me to further your clown career.