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Why The Clown Lab?

In many ways, the clown industry is stuck in the past. Over the last several years, costuming, makeup, and performance expectations have changed dramatically. Unfortunately, many clown arts education programs have not evolved and are continuing to teach their students practices that are out of date and quite frankly, out of touch.

At The Clown Lab, we strive to provide cutting-edge instruction that will help progress the art of clowning (and you) into the future and not keep it stuck in its old ways.



What if I get stage fright?

We've been there! Stage fright is common and at the end of the day, it proves to yourself that you want to do well. We have created a safe judgment-free zone for our students where you'll be surrounded by positivity and a supportive atmosphere.

What if I'm not a circus clown?

No Circus? NO PROBLEM! Although many of out instructors have a background in circus, we understand that many of our students will have different paths on their clowning journey. Whether you're a birthday party clown, caring clown, hospital clown, elder clown, stunt clown, production clown, children's entertainer, face painter, balloon twister, magician, puppeteer, YOU NAME IT, our instructors will adapt to meet the needs of each student, even if you don't identify as a clown at all!

What should my clown makeup kit include?

At the bare minimum, you should have White, Red, and Black Greasepaint, Makeup brush(es), and Setting powder. In our Create A Face Guide, you'll receive a complete list of supplies that you can consider adding to your kit. Here you'll also find helpful tips and tools that will guide you to create a clown makeup design.

Is clowning right for me?

Clowns are categorized into several different types, but what many people don't realize is that you don't need to be wearing clown makeup and big floppy shoes to be a clown! Clowning is a fabulous way to express yourself, so you can decide what those terms mean for you.

What if I think clowns are scary?

To be honest, sometimes we agree. The thing that sets scary and approachable clowns apart is their clown arts education. At The Clown Lab, our instructors will gently provide you feedback on your craft to help you align with the public's expectations of clowns. We will work with you to design or modify your look so that you (and anyone else) don't have to be scared. P.S. At The Clown Lab, we are accepting of all types of clowns. If you identify as a scary or haunt clown, there is still a place for you in our program too.

"It's too pricey for me!"

We hear you! Clowning and being a performance artist isn't cheap. It is part of our mission to make clown arts education more accessible. When choosing the price for our classes take many factors into consideration from class size, length of the course, and provided materials. We have also made it a point to provide multiple different options for you to choose from to better meet your financial needs. For one-on-one coaching, you will find a higher price point because you are paying to have our instructor(s) exclusively to yourself. If you're looking for a more budget-friendly course, consider one of our group learning classes such as the Character Development Intensive.

What Our Clients Say

the clown lab student.png


The Clown Lab had an amazing character building workshop for beginner clowns and people who need a push to experiment with new characters.
I would highly recommend this course!

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