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Are you an actor? Do you do improv? Well, so do thousands of other people in Los Angeles. Here is a chance for you to set yourself apart from everyone else! 


Clown:101 will teach you how to find the clown that is inside of you and by doing so, will set you apart from everyone else in LA. Are you getting ready for an audition, play, job interview? Clown:101 will help you go above and beyond in front of your audience. You will learn to use your entire body and utilize your surroundings. We will study some of the basics of physical comedy and traditional american clowning to help you make any scene more real. 


Classes include: improvisation, character development, gag writing, classic Ringling make up, costuming, slapstick, acrobatics, dance, specialty skills and more. Clown:101 is taught by Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey clown, Billy Murray.


Private Lessons & Online Classes Available. 

E-mail Billy about your spot in class today.


Rates based on a group of 1-10 people — for larger groups, please contact Billy.




More Info:


Clown:101 Make-Up Starter Kits can be purchased from me for $45 and includes: White, Red, Blue, Black & Auguste colored grease paint, Setting Powder, Brush, Make-Up sponges, Q-Tips and a small mirror.  Make up kits are required for Clown:101 — Center Ring SuperStar.  Students may provide their own make-up but it must be approved by the instructor prior to the first class.  Clown:101 Make-Up Starter Kits must be pre-ordered and paid for before the first class and will not be available to purchase on the day of class. Professional clown noses can also be purchased.  Please contact Billy if interested and schedule a fitting.  Clown:101 Make-Up Starter Kits must be purchased when deposit for class is made unless other arrangements have been made.

A 25% non-refundable deposit must be received to book.  Mileage cost (@$0.57/mile) will also be charged for classes more than 10 miles from zip code 92802.

Payments can be made by PayPal, Check, Cash and we also accept Credit Card/Debit Card Payments powered by G-Square.



Please contact us with any questions.

Twitter:  @BillyMurray

Instagram: @OfficialBillyMurray

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