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Drag Dog


Hosted By Miss Bill


Submission Guidelines

We are thrilled that you're interested in being a part of Digital Drag Dog Show. To submit you and your dog to be a part of the show, please adhere to the following guidelines.
Digital Drag Dog Show II -- coming soon!
Now accepting submissions.

🐶 We are excited to welcome all types of drag to the show. Dogs love us no matter what type of drag we do! What's most important is that you show us your personality! 

🐶 Your video should be six different parts.

(1) Interview  (1-2 minutes) GET THE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS HERE

(2) Runway  (1-2 minutes)

(3) Talent  (1-3 minutes)

(4) Drag B-Roll  (1-2 minutes)

(5) Dog B-Roll  (1-2 minutes)

(6) Signature Sign Off  (10-20 seconds)

🐶 Your video must be SHOT HORIZONTALLY. This also applies to section 4 and 5 "B-Roll" clips, please!

🐶 Please keep your performance somewhat appropriate for a family-friendly audience. Profanity may be used, but know that it will be bleeped out in post-production.

🐶 CONNECTION and COMEDY. Show us how much you love your pup, but also show us how much you love the camera too. Whenever possible, please look at the camera to connect with the audience. We love seeing your silly side, so bring on the antics!

Peeping Pug


🙅🏼‍♀️  Please Don't put your pet into drag. You may coordinate with your dog with something simple like a colored bandana, but your pup should not be wearing a wig and lashes! We want to see them in their natural beauty!

🙅🏼‍♀️  Please Don't submit low res videos. We don't like blurry pix on grindr and we don't like them in Drag Dog shows either. Please submit videos with the highest resolution possible.

🙅🏼‍♀️  Please Don't add any text or logos over your footage. We will add your name, pet's name, pay app handles, etc. to the video in post-production.

🙅🏼‍♀️  Please Don't add background music to your interview or have distracting background noise


Look, we aren't trying to be difficult, we just want to put on the best show possible. Ultimately, we want you to be a part of the show, so let us know if you need any help.

🐩  Film the following five sections (horizontally) and edit them together into one video. Your video will be downloaded and later be sliced and diced to fit your performances into the show.

🐩  Section Instructions:

(1) Interview  (60-90 seconds)

Start off by intoducing yourself and your dog, then answer the interview questions that you can find, here. Please film this in a well-lit area where we can see you and your dog the best. 

(2) Talent  (60-180 seconds)

We are looking for you and your dog to have as much fun here as possible, so don't let it deter you if your dog can't do tricks. Think simple. Think stupid. Can you hold them while you lipsync? Can they sit and watch you werk? Can they do a backflip? Can they be your partner in a dramatic monologue? Be ridiculous and have fun but make sure you're both in the act.

(3) Drag B-Roll  (90 seconds)

We want to hype you up as much as we can. By providing us with some video clips from your past performances, we can help show the world the star that you are. The more you can share with us the better, but think QUICK, like 3 - 10 second clips.

(4) Dog B-Roll  (90 seconds)

This show is about your dog, too! Send us some clips of your fur baby playing fetch, chewing on a bone, doing the zoomies! Anything that shows us how dang cute your pup is.

(5) Signature Sign Off (10-20 seconds)

Say bye and wave to the camera with your dog ---- don't forget to show us your signature move and include your dog!

🐩  Your video should be uploaded to YouTube as UNLISTED. If you do not have a way to edit your videos together, feel free to email them to We will also accept videos sent via we transfer, google drive -- whatever is easiest for you. 🙏

🐩  That's it! When your video has finished uploading, please complete the submissions form and enter your video link on the submissions page.


 Shih Tzu with Toys


By submitting your video for consideration, you acknowledge that you have read and understand these terms and agreements.Your video will be edited to meet the needs of the show (sound effects/graphics). Failure to adhere to the submission guidelines may result in not being able to use your footage in the show. Thank you, Poodles!


Lay it on us.

Thanks, poodle!

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