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Invest in your team's health by offering them a desk stretch break as a part of their workday. Split up long hours at your desk with a guided stretch and flex session that promotes mobility, resistance and strength to combat repetitive motions that may cause discomfort over time. As we lead you through our routine, our instructor will make gentle reminders to correct body positions and bring focus to the breath. We will even callout unsafe posture and movement that is observed during the session to encourage stronger ergonomic habits.

Strengthen your muscles

Exercise your tendons and support against
discomfort from 

repetitive motions.



Fix bad habits and create physical changes that have positive
long-lasting impacts.



Become more resilient

and expand
your mobility. 

Blood Flow

Raise your heart rate

and bring focus to your breath and
increase oxygen flow.

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Single Sessions

Need to squeeze in a reset for your team? A single session is great to break up your routine.

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Monthly Bundles

Consistency is key. Save 10% when you book your @Desk.Stretch session with this monthly bundle option.

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App Developer

I suffer from soreness due to repetitive motions that my body endures throughout the workday. @Desk.Stretch has taught me exercises that target these areas and help me correct bad posture habits.

Customer Service Rep

I use the stretches that I learned from our company's @Desk.Stretch sessions anytime I am feeling any discomfort or stiffness while sitting at my desk. Sometimes getting up and walking away from my desk isn't an option, so these stretches save my ass!

AI Designer

I'm so grateful to work for a company that provides weekly @Desk.Stretch sessions for me and my colleagues. Their investment in my health makes me want to produce the best possible work for them. After every @Desk.Stretch, I feel warmed up, rejuvenated and ready to WORK!

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About Us

@Desk.Stretch was created by professional performer and creative, Billy Murray. When Billy is not on stage, he is a designer and branding specialist that puts him at his desk for long hours. After countless days of discomfort clicking away behind his screen, Billy created @Desk.Stretch, so that professionals from all over the world can learn to take care of their body like a high-performing entertainer.

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