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How It Works

  • Join via video conferencing and participate right from your office chair

  • Stretches will target areas that have a lot of repetitive movements throughout the work day including neck, hips, back and extra attention on the shoulders, wrists and hands; Billy will gently call out reminders and corrections

  • Soothing music plays in the background

  • No equipment needed

  • Each @Desk.Stretch session is 15-minutes long

  • Consistency is key to building strength and flexibility. Weekly sessions are highly suggested.

Ready to rock out your workday?

Invest in your team's health by offering them a desk stretch break as a part of their workday. Split up long hours at your desk with a guided stretch and flex session that promotes mobility, resistance and strength to combat repetitive motions that may cause discomfort over time. As we lead your through our routine, our instructor will make gentle reminders to correct body positions and bring focus to the breath. We will even callout unsafe posture and movement that is observed during the session to encourage stronger ergonomic habits.

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Here's an example of one of our Desk Stretch sessions with Ridiculously Efficient, Inc.


By purchasing a desk stretch package, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms, agreements and release of liability.