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Birthday Bash



In this 30-minute digital experience, your child will be thrilled to be able to invite up to 12 guests to their Digital Birthday Bash via zoom video conferencing. Sing along and interact with puppet characters like Zip the Rabbit and Zeffer the Cuddly Monster.


5-Minutes before showtime the zoom room will become available for your guests to enter the space. The show and interactive experience will begin sharply 5-minutes thereafter. Guests will enjoy a 15-minute live show featuring music, bubbles, comedy, and joyful birthday jubilations followed by a 10-minute interactive chat with Billy and some of his whimsical puppet friends. The video call party ends with all of the guests singing "Happy Birthday" to the B-Day Star and lots of virtual high-fives goodbye!


When your order has been processed, you will receive a notification within 2-6 hours with options to book your Digital Birthday Bash.

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About Billy

Meet the guy behind it all.

For the past decade, Billy Murray has been a professional performer. He has traveled the country as a clown with Ringling Bros circus, entertained thousands of guests at the Disneyland Resort and also works as a therapeutic medical clown at the local children's hospital.


When your Digital Birthday Bash starts, your Guests will have a five-minute window where they can enter the party room before the show starts. Once the show starts, guests can still enter at any time but the show will not restart or pause. In the 5-minute period where your Guests arrive, they will be asked to MUTE their microphones for the duration of the live performance. This is for a number of reasons such as, not interrupting the experience for the other guests with things like background noise, etc. Also, when guests talk, zoom will flip the video to their camera and away from the performance, so this allows the camera to stay fixated on the show. By the guests muting their microphones, it ensures that all of the guests are able to hear the show and it's music clearly. After the 15-minute live performance, party guests will be encouraged to unmute their microphones and participate in the interaction between Billy, his Cuddly Puppets and of course their birthday friend. This interactive portion will last for 10-minutes and as a part of it, the party guests will sing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday child and wish them all a fond farewell full of waving, lots of virtual high-fives and birthday wishes. After the 30-minute experience the virtual party room will close, so don't forget to wish the birthday child a "Happy Birthday" before it's time to go!

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