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My Story


Hey Friends! Many times I am asked by you, How are you so productive? How do you never seem tired? How do you look so young? Where do you get all this money?

Welp-- I'm not afraid to admit, it was once all a show! Until this past year, I was failing miserably at being me. My schedule was overbooked so my stress level was through the roof, my health was out of whack and I was in and out of the hospital, and I often felt up to my eyeballs in bills, bills, bills. I had enough! I turned to my family for support and my sister, Stacey, lead me to where I am today. She introduced to me her secret weapon, the one whip out to make sure the mission is accomplished. It is called, Kyäni.

The late summer months in Alaska are breathtaking, with up to 22 hours of daylight illuminating the landscape as animals prepare for the harsh winter ahead. This time of year also brings something else unique—the harvest of the remarkable Wild Alaskan Blueberry. Most fruits and vegetable plants would quickly wither and die in Alaska’s long, frigid winters. But the Wild Alaskan Blueberry isn’t just any ordinary fruit. It has evolved to protect itself from the brutality of the elements with a rich-colored pigment in its skin called anthocyanin. This phytochemical is the source of the Wild Alaskan Blueberry’s antioxidant prowess, boasting over 5 times the potency of the common blueberry.

Another remarkable adaptation found in nature begins with a simple Swiss apple first cultivated hundreds of years ago. Remaining fresh far longer than other varieties, the Uttwiler Spätlauber was prized for its longevity. The key to resistance to decay is the naturally occurring botanicals found in the skin of the fruit. These botanicals protect the fruit from oxidative stress and inflammation brought on by exposure to UV rays, and also act to reverse the effects of this photoaging.

Not only does Kyäni draw inspiration from nature for its products, but those powerful ingredients are emblematic of Kyäni’s culture and tenacity. Kyäni’s founding families began with small businesses that, like an apple or blueberry, might have been easy to overlook. But with hard work and innovation, the Hansens and Taylors achieved enormous business success in a multitude of industries. After learning how these natural sources of wellness can positively impact health, the families joined together to form Kyäni. Today, Kyäni’s powerful products make a difference in the lives of millions of people throughout the world.

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