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Over the past decade, the acceptance of clowns has spiraled out of control and now more than ever, professional clowns struggle to remain relevant and successful in a rapidly dying industry. The art of clowning is greatly suffering in a world that is desperate for love and laughs more than ever.


As a modern-day clown, I have dedicated my work to the constant evolution of clowning. I am committed to keeping this imperative artform in the spotlight and to do so, I founded Millennial Clown in 2016.


My goals are simple:


We work with professional entertainers to re-design their clown's brand to be compatible with today's desires. 



Established clowns can collaborate on new projects or receive coaching to better your brand.



We connect professionals with people looking to hire them and expand on your brand's network.


Millennial Clown is a trusted platform for professional clowns to unite and receive valuable networking, exposure, endorsement and training to support their personal brands. We connect audiences and families with Millennial Clown certified professional modern day clowns that are guaranteed to expunge the common fears of clowns.

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