Born and raised in a rural town in New Jersey, Miss Bill is a devilishly hilarious circus star turned #ClownQueen OC Housewife. Her ridiculous antics and over-the-top personality is a mirror that reflects back onto humanity and our souls as individuals. She brings darkness into the light, sheds awareness to important issues and adds her special flavor of humor to situations that are difficult to cope with. Miss Bill believes that drag gives us the permission to laugh at yourself without feeling bad about it and even laugh at other people without feelings of guilt.


Drag dog show

Drag Dog Show

Unlike any other kind of Drag Show, Miss Bill is proud to present, Digital Drag Dog Show. Woof! Woof!


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Video Bumpers

In the age of Digital Drag, no Queen's video is complete without a customized video bumper that says, "I'm a professional!"


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Makeup influencer, Nabela Noor has Miss Bill as a special guest on her show, "Can I Borrow That?"



Get your Miss Bill Sticker!

Miss Bill Sticker

Miss Bill Sticker


Unpopular Opinion: Drag is Clowning

Check out Miss Bill's new mini series on YouTube where she chats with clowns and drag performers about the self-expression phenomenon of drag!

Get Branded

Now you can up your digital drag game with the help from Miss Bill! Looking for a web designer? How about a customized video bumper for your next video? Polish that professionalism with design services from ya girl, Miss Bill.



About four times a year, DJ Miss Bill​ releases her latest playlist jam-packed full of new music hitting the airwaves. Bop around to upbeat and motivational Pop, Dance, Electronic and Alternative perfectly crafted to blast you into a good mood.

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