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3 Ways to Make Your Show More Entertaining

Standing up and speaking is not enough to grab people's attention anymore. Today, motivational speakers as powerful as Tony Robbins, rely on special effects to wow audiences and pick up heads from looking down at smartphones. When you give special attention to the art behind your performance and strategically weave surprises throughout your show, you can reveal elements of your personality and unique talents that can achieve an abundance of exposure and audience engagement.

unveil your personality

What is often lost in speech presentation is the ability to present your brand in a naturally authentic way. Some presenters may be well-spoken and appear to be professional, yet still, lack to show what makes them a truly dynamic speaker. Learn how to professionally bring your own personality into your corporate presence. Your performance does not end when you walk off stage. Bring attention to other areas of your personal brand that can be improved to make sure that your public presence is vibrant, friendly, confident, approachable, likable, and trustworthy. Just by simply, learning to speak clearly in a professional context, you will gain a tremendous amount of credibility.

strategic show elements

Special effects and show elements are instant wants to add production value to an otherwise dry presentation. With everyone having a smartphone not just in their pocket, but most likely in their hand, speech presenters and public speakers have more to compete with today than ever before. Motivational speakers are beginning to incorporate strategic special effects into their show to excite their audience and get the adrenaline pumping. These elements are some of the moments that your audience will never forget. From projections to structures, smoke effects and fire, public speakers are starting to lift heads from smartphones with more than what they are saying. 

emotion provoked storytelling

Sometimes what is lost in speech programs is the ability to find one’s own voice. People may be “well-spoken” and “professional”, yet still struggle to find that extra spark that makes him or her a truly dynamic speaker. Bringing your own personality into your corporate presence is among our top priorities. We balance that with areas that may need attention so that your public presence is vibrant, friendly, confident, approachable, and trustworthy.

A powerful way to make people care about products, brands, and causes is through storytelling. It can magically facilitate sales,  creative marketing, and unique presentations if you can learn to master it's art effectively. Learn how to make people care about your message with personal stories, brand stories, or any other creative forms of storytelling and add an element to your performance your audience can feel.

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