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Preparation Will Make You A Better Performer

One of the most common mistakes people make with public speaking is ineffective preparation. Many times speakers will imagine how they see their speech going and become jarringly surprised when they realize that a positive outcome is much of a feat than they thought.  As a result, their performance and sometimes reputation can suffer.

Give yourself time to effectively prepare and practice for your presentation. Your first step should be to create a game plan and build a calendar of deadlines to be met in order to prepare you on time. Having a game plan and a tangible technique will assure you're ready to deliver a speech that can make an enormous difference in your personal and professional life.

script optimization and editing

Tag in a team member or trusted friend to help you bring focus to your script with story editing, creative pitch techniques, cohesive structure and necessary content. Naturally, we want to over deliver, but sometimes less is more. Allow your partner to help you shine a light on your most important topics to keep your presentation short, sweet and to the point.


To prepare for time restraints, modify content and improve your performance quality, conduct rehearsals in order to achieve maximum confidence and readiness. Use a timer on your smartphone and even yourself while you're at it. Listen and watch yourself and direct yourself.

constructive feedback

Partner with someone who can craft a positive, creative, and professional feedback in a trustworthy environment where you can receive honest and effective feedback about your public speaking in a safe place. These sessions should not be to tear your apart of make you feel like you suck, so be smart about who you pick to work with. Having a third party provide feedback will reveal things about your performance that may go otherwise unnoticed by reviewing your own work. Working with another person will you give you positive insight into what your audience will eventually see.

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