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How Facebook Pages Can Jump-Start Your Business

Facebook is by far the most popular social networking platform. It is designed to help build and sustain relationships with friends, family and businesses. In 2004, when Facebook was founded, it was only open to college students but as we all know, it later became available to everyone and now everyone is on it… even Nana!

Facebook Profiles are available for people who want to continue to grow their network and maintain relationships with other people, where as Facebook Pages are for businesses who want to connect with a specifically targeted demographic for purposes such as advertising services and selling products.

Luckily for businesses, there are a handful of benefits to take advantage of with Facebook Pages with so that your digital online marketing kicks ass.


The more you post the more exposure your brand will have. Taco Bell is one of my favorite brands to follow because they are always pushing their creativity do a great job at finding innovative ways to engage with their customers.

When it comes to your Page, feel free to post as often as you want, but be considerate and monitor your followers. When customers go to your Page, you should have a decent amount of content for them to view otherwise they will click away.

Take your time and answer comments and reply to messages because it is too easy for people to give your company a poor review. When your customers are happy, they will bring you more business and cause you less customer recovery.


Facebook has numerous features that make it easy for users to engage with their favorite brands. Facebook Live, Messenger and Events are a few examples of the features available for businesses to engage with their customers effortlessly. These tools make the customer feel like they know your brand personally and it is an easy way to grow relationships and evolve networks.


Facebook Events have streamlined event planning for it’s users. It has fantastic features that can easily be created with Facebook itself. Share the location, times, and other details for your customers in the Event description. Your customers can RSVP and you can keep a headcount and help promote your event, maximize attendance and increase sales.


Facebook is basically giving you free advertising by allowing you to create a Page for your business for FREE. Although it does cost money to post advertisements from your Page, there are options to make it affordable for your budget. There are also ways that you can optimize your targets so that your ads reach more people. 

Advertising can become time consuming, so be prepared to bring on a team member that you trust who can become an admin for your Page, manage your advertising, customer service and other Page maintenance.


If you have not already taken advantage of a Facebook Page for your business, it will be very difficult for you to target a specific audience with other social media platforms. As of right now, Facebook users far surpasses all other platforms and that’s the cold hard truth. So, bite the bullet and accept the Facebook monopoly.

Now — Get started! Create your Facebook Page here.

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