Ace Your Audition

[ $55 ] 60-Minute Class




In this 60-minute lesson you will practice an audition process to help make you more confident and prepare you for upcoming exciting auditions.  You will run through exercises and mock audition steps that will keep you on your toes and performing on your A-Game for the big day.


You will receive honest and constructive feedback to help you improve the representation  of your personal brand.


During our time together you will:

  • Improve your introduction and learn how to slate your name
  • Practice answering interview questions and get tips on selling yourself
  • Improvise movement exercises and impromptu character work
  • Practice taking direction and making changes to your performance on the fly
  • Learn how to navigate difficult audition scenarios


With this private lesson, you will receive an Ace Your Audition Tip Sheet full of helpful reminders and pro-tips that will set you up for booking your next gig.


Although we know this course will 100% help you prepare for your next audition, we cannot  guarantee that you will book a gig, be cast, land a job, sign a contract or receive any other kind of opportunity as a result of attending this course.

Ace Your Audition