Build A Solo Show (Single Session)

Looking to build a solo show quickly? In this 60-minute condensed course, we will meet virtually one-on-one and construct a solo show that you will be proud to perform.


Are you building a show from scratch and don't know where to start? THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!


This session runs for 60-minutes. In your virtual Build A Solo Show session, you will receive one-on-one coaching/consulting/creative services to help you build a 15-minute show.



  • Identify bits, gags, and routines you'd like to include as a part of your show
  • Discover ways to elevate your performance and charge more money
  • Rehearse and receive honest, constructive performance feedback
  • Eliminate any material that may be offensive or not family-friendly
  • Write and produce a full 15-minute show
  • Learn how to modify your show by omitting or extending acts



  • Clowns
  • Magicians
  • Puppeteers/Ventriloquists
  • Jugglers
  • Circus and Specialty Act Performers
  • Ministry/Church Performers


Here is a suggested timeline of how our time together could look:


We will kick off our time together identifying ideas that you have, explore your speciality skills and piece piece together your solo show. We will share a living document where you'll receive notes and areas of opportunity. We will discuss music options that can enhance your show and will be guided toward song choices. We will discuss the use of props and incorporate them into your performance. You will receive some assignment suggestions to rehearse your show moments throughout the week between our sessions. Any material that may not be considered family-friendly or politically correct will be addressed and adjustments will be suggested accordingly. Finishing touches will be suggested to make your show top-notch. We will discuss ways that your show can be shortened or extended to meet and exceed client expectations and show needs.



  • Opening / Introduction
  • Act 1 (Gag)
  • Act 2 (Specialty Skill)
  • Act 3 / Finale (Bit With Audience Participation)
  • Closing

Build A Solo Show (Single Session)