4-Week Coaching Bundle

[ $260 ] Four (4) 60-minute Consulting Sessions


As a clown, you have probably experienced the same backlash from society as the rest of us. With new horror movies and television shows contributing to the fear around clowns, our job as a joy and mirth-marker continues to become more challenging. No matter what level of experience you have, I will adapt and personalize your training or coaching to guarantee maximum achievement.  Each session runs for 60-minutes, unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time. In your virtual clown consulting sessions with Billy, you will receive one-on-one coaching/consulting services on  areas of performance of your choice from makeup, costuming, gag-writing, performance feedback, conducting effective meet and greets, re-branding --- you name it!


Here is a suggested timeline of how our time together could look:


Week 1:  We will kick off our time together identifying goals and milestones you hope to achieve. We will create an outline of your established goals and each week you will have suggested assignments that you can focus on and practice.

We will discuss any new ideas that you have, explore your speciality skills, and answer any questions. We will share a living document where you'll receive notes and areas of opportunity.


Week 2: We will review your goals set from week one and discuss your progress. We will modify the outline accordingly, if necessary, to keep you aimed toward your targeted milestones. You will arrive with your clown makeup completed. We will review photos of your character and you will receive makeup and styling tips to help give your persona an even more polished and professional look.


Week 3: We will review previously recorded performance footage and you'll receive constructive feedback to improve. We will lightly touch on photo poses by solidifying three character poses that are unique to your character's personality. We will review photos of your character and you'll receive notes as to enhance and take stronger photos.


Week 4: We will put everything together and review your complete clown looks from head to two. You'll be coached through a series of improv exercises that will help prepare you for performing in an atmospheric environment. You'll learn about building a personal brand for your character and you'll be guided through branding suggestions such as creating social media accounts and a website. 


As a thank you and dedication to your clowning success, this package also includes the "Social Media Branding E-Course." This downloadable courses will jump start your showmanship and help launch your own clown brand.

4-Week Coaching Bundle