Character Development Intensive



[ $59 ] 6-Hour Workshop


*Purchasing this workshop will automatically enroll you in a future session. New dates will be announced soon!*


This one-day clown arts education experience is designed to develop your clown character from the ground up. Happening virtually from your at-home lab, our highly qualified instructors will guide you through a variety of group experiments and exercises that will spark the evolution of your clown persona and spawn the next generation of mirth-makers.


We pride our program on the personalized experience that we provide The Clown Lab students. Therefore, we have a maximum amount of students per class to allow each clown individual performance time. 


*INCLUDED: The Clown Lab Character Development Handbook that will help guide you through your virtual clown arts education. It contains 20+ pages of information, pro-tips, and tools! You will receive your handbook 7-Days before the date of your class.*




*BONUS* Also included when you enroll is 365-days of free access to The Clown Lab's private Facebook group where you can network and continue your learning with other students and our instructors.


[ What To Expect ]

  • 6-Hours of interactive clowning classes developed to create your clown character

  • Learn Clown Makeup and create a clown face for your character

  • Design a complete clown look

  • Meet other like-minded people who share a similar passion for clown arts

  • Uplifting and inspiring instruction

  • Practical and sensitive feedback - This is a safe space!

*Please note that this course requires that participants provide their own clown makeup. If you don't already have clown makeup of your own, use this amazon list to get yourself started.



All of our instructors have been in your shoes before. We had a passion for clowning and decided to take the leap and further our clown arts education, just like you! You’re not alone! We understand firsthand how nerve-wracking it feels to allow yourself to be vulnerable and begin your clown journey. Our clownologists are made up of professional clowns that have worked in the industry for over the last decade.


  • Billy Murray    The Clown Lab Founder & CEO (Clown Evolution Optimizer) 

Experience: Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey, The Walt Disney Company, Nickelodeon, Buzzfeed, Big Apple Circus Clown Care, Healthy Humor​


  • Taylor Albin

Experience: Boss Clown for Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey, Seaworld Orlando, Feld Entertainment


  • LaRena Iocco

Experience: Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey, Kinoshita Circus (Japan)


  • Dean Kelley

Experience: Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey, Seaworld Orlando, Legoland Florida, Universal Studios Orlando



One Day: $59*


(*Tuition does not include makeup supplies that are needed for this course. Use this amazon list to purchase everything that you’ll need.)

Age Requirement: Participants should be at least 18 years old (Under 18 years old will need signed parental permission)



Performance Space: Prepare an area around your computer where you can perform freely. You should be able to be far enough away from your camera where we can see as much of your body as possible.

Tech Notes: It is recommended that you attend The Clown Lab from a desktop computer or laptop. You should be participating in an area where outside distractions like family/pets will not interrupt your learning. Your instructors should be able to hear and see you clearly, so please test your microphone and set up lighting before the workshop begins. Remember, the best lighting is always in front of you! The Clown Lab students must have internet access and either a desktop computer/laptop with a camera (preferred), tablet, or smartphone. We are not responsible for the internet connection of the attendees and cannot guarantee high resolution.


Wardrobe: You should be attending the class from a place where you have access to your personal wardrobe or any costume pieces that you own.


Makeup: The Clown Lab does not supply students with a clown makeup kit. It is suggested that you provide your own makeup so that you can take advantage of learning from our instructors. If you need an inexpensive clown makeup starter kit, check this out.


CANCELLATION POLICY: You cannot cancel/reschedule your registration less than seven (7) days before the date of the event. Students enrolled in this workshop will not be issued a refund or option to reschedule if they do not show up on the day of the event. If you're unable to attend on the date you signed up, and you notify us more than 7-days before the workshop, your registration may be transferred to a future Character Development Intensive. Please note that once you receive The Clown Lab's Character Development HANDBOOK, there are no refunds. Thank you!

Character Development Intensive