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Ever thought you work with a bunch of clowns?  Well maybe sometimes that's a good thing!  Get inside Billy Murray's head when he is out of makeup.  Learn how your business can benefit from having an original seminar taught by someone who has traveled the country as a clown in the circus but also someone who has worked behind the magic of a very well-known mouse.

Performing a Professional & Memorable Meet & Greet


You can put on the clown makeup and costume but if you cannot interact with today’s society, what’s the point of going to the hassle?  I am very strong at breaking down a interaction and teaching steps to performing a successful meet & greet that will leave your audience with memories that will last a lifetime!  Together we will practice improv and other tools to being approachable and staying in control of your moment.  I will teach tips to interacting with the public in a professional manner and give “on the spot” critiques that most people would never even think of!

Do’s & Dont’s in Photographs


Every clown should have 3 poses that their character can pop into at any time.  But what about when you’re not alone in the picture?  A photo lasts forever so it is VERY important to make sure that you are protecting your brand every time the lens is pointed at you.  I will teach Disney Character standards for taking and endorsing photos.  The list of Do’s and Dont’s is long BUT IT IS IMPORTANT!

Buh-Bye Insecurity


Insecurities can be a very difficult on-going battle to have with yourself.  One of the best parts about being a clown is that is gives us an opportunity to make fun of ourselves and even overcome that awful nervousness.  I have personally overcome lack of confidence such as my height and sexuality just by putting on a red rose and walking a little funny.  I love to explore other people’s insecurities with them and help them overcome them through the amazing and therapeutic art of clowning!

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